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What is Fortune Nigeria?

Fortune Nigeria is a peer to peer wealth distribution system designed to help the average Nigerian make extra income. You get 200% (principal inclusive) of the cost of every fortune you acquire. There is no central account. All payments are between participants. Share Fortune Nigeria to other Nigerians and help make their day brighter.

Our Fortune Packs

Aluminium Package N 5,000 »» N 10,000Bronze Package N 10,000 »» N 20,000Silver Package N 20,000 »» N 40,000Gold Package N 30,000 »» N 60,000 New

Join Fortune Nigeria now HERE

1. After joining, the first thing is to fill in your bank details correctly in the profile section.
2. You then make a request to acquire fortunes by selecting from one of our fortune packages.
3. Ensure you have the money available before placing any order
4. Once your request is made, your order is processed and your fortune begins to mature.
5. You are then matched to pay other participants the cost of your fortune. You will have 36 hours to make payment.
6. Before making payment, contaact the recipient to ensure that he or she is available.
7. Once you have made payment, you should upload proof of payment and wait for the recipient to confirm the payment.
8. Once your payment has been confirmed, your fortune is confirmed and set for payout.
9. Your payout is processed and you are matched to receive 200% of your cost on or before the payout date.
10. Once you recieve any payment, you will have 12 hours to either confirm or reject the proof of payment

What do i need to register?

All you need to register is a valid Email, a reachable phone number, and a Bank account

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