Photo: Ritualist sentenced to death for killing two brothers in Kogi

A High Court sitting in Koton-Karfi in Kogi state has sentenced a herbalist identified as Ibrahim Muhammed, to death by hanging for murdering two brothers, Mohammed Kudu Abubakar and Umar Tanko Abubakar after snatching their car in January 2016.

According to police report, the condemned herbalist snatched the Toyota Carina E Wagon the brothers were riding in at Kungbani Village in the Kogi Local Government Area.

After he snatched the car from them, he posioned them and left them to die. When the poison did not affect the brothers, he used a pestle to hit them until they died. He then buried them in his compound. Delivering judgement in the case yesterday, the Presiding Judge, Justice Alaba Omolaye-Ajileye, described the herbalist's act as a high level of exceptional wickedness.
“This is a high level of exceptional wickedness. I hold that after poisoning the two brothers as the accused confessed in his downright criminality, he hit their heads with pestle (Exhibit P7) to hasten their annihilation. And, in order to avoid any trace of his brutal and inhuman act, the accused buried the dead bodies of Tanko and Mohammed in his compound. Unfortunately for him, since nothing is hidden under the sky, nemesis caught up with him. By the application of an unusual but most excellent investigatory dexterity, the Special Anti-Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police, Kogi State, exposed the apparently hidden crime. By your own word, after poisoning both Tanko and Mohammed and they refused to die, you used a pestle to hit them on their heads. That was a brutal homicide committed with determination and ruthlessness. The manner you committed it by your own description, make it a high-level exceptional wickedness that it can only be properly marked by death sentence, which is the only sentence I can pass on you,” he ruled. The remains of the deceased brothers have been exhumed and buried properly.


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