An Ode to my Mum

The arms that cuddled me
I was a neonate vulnerable and fragile,
Her soothing hands rocked me,
When I descended from oblivion
Her fountains nourished my tender head,
She milked herself to see me sprout like the seedling.

She prayed for me like the buzzing monk
She feed me with the colostrum of wisdom,
And taught me from the holy book;
To pray,to love,to obey
The tenets of wisdom.

She clothed me in purple like a prince
She sheathed me in wool to heat
When she was rapped in rags.

Was she a saviour?
Was she my guardian angel?
Was she fashioned for me?
She left her will to service mine.

Mom,I love you so much.
In heaven,you'll still be my mom.

Daramola Ebenezer '17.


  1. Nice one Bro. More power to your elbow!


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