Eyes of sympathy...

By Odufalu Ibrahim.


Long time before the moon
Stories were told to Papa who knows nothing about the gods
The only poet that survived this became part of our history
Could this be the same way the boy shouted on a swing to know why his father was jailed?

Agbeke the only child of Odewale , has left for a powder gun and not the one I was blessed with by Ogun
The listening ears have been cut off
No one can take the dirt to the eyes after seeing by the same eyes
Ogun's vengeance is not what I wish for Agbeke or either you

The ears that refused to hear the bitter truth will take the truth bitterly
I am warning you ahead the strike of my ancestors
The mouth that cut colanut for the elders must not cut your journey short on earth
I have bailed you from hunger, and made you live till now

I can only pray for you Agbeke
May you go with the 6 months foetus, and come back with the baby alive
Agbeke take my pills for generations to come
Alive or dead the gods have no blame to take, Odewale hold the talk for another day...tears!

Odufalu Ibrahim is currently an undergraduate student of theatre arts, university of Ibadan.He enjoys African literature.




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